Hi Everyone:
I have loved costuming since I can remember, my favorite Halloween costume (that was a must to wear every year) was Batgirl!
One year I had to be a Gypsy for Halloween and I thought I was going to die because I could not wear the red hair, plastic mask and vinyl costume from my childhood years.
I love dressing up and being photographed in my costumes, I enjoy going to the conventions and seeing the rest of my geeky friends in their Epic costumes, I love comic books and try to visit my local comic book store as much as possible. I have so many favorite comic book Heroes and Heroines that it would be hard to just pin one as the favorite. I love, love Star Wars, I am a huge fan of Boba Fett (what a cool costume)
I am currently working on a Slave Leia, Huntress and Stormtrooper costume. I would like to become a member of the 501st in the near future as well. I am so glad that you are part of my page and I hope you will enjoy my past, present and future costumes to come!

Wizard Magzine Halloween Costume Contest October 1998 (yes you read that right) Runner Up
All My Friends Are Superheroes Episode 003, Angela July 2013
Full Spectrum Geek Geekette of the Month August 2013
Cosplay Spotlight GeekXGeek
Geek Fest Costume Contest 2nd Place October 2013
Hall of Heroes Cosplayer of the Month November 2013
Comic Book Therapy Cosplay Spotlight January 2014
House of Epic Epic Babe of the Month January 2014
The Cougar Club Bikini Contest Winner January 2014


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. OH! You’re marvellous! I missed you. If you like my dark-necro-heroines tales (“Sulla Porta di Dite”/At Dis’ Gates), similar (some times) to C.A. Smith’s Zothique, why can’t we cooperate…??

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